I call myself a re-emerging poet. Following graduation from The Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars in 1967 (yes, that long ago), I soon was publishing poems in many of the country’s better literary journals: The American Poetry Review, The Little Magazine, Poetry Northwest, the Southern Poetry Review, and so on. In the early 1970s, I published a broadsheet series, co-edited with the poet Eleanor Wilner, that didn’t last long but connected me to the poetry scene. I received a Borestone Mountain Poetry Award in 1974 for my poem, Bonebag.

At the same time I was beginning a career in book publishing as the Social Sciences Editor for The Johns Hopkins Press and writing plays. Both of those endeavors shoved the poetry aside. My first play, Pope Joan, was produced by the Philadelphia Company in 1975; a commissioned play, Wanamaker,for the Bicentennial followed in 1976; a play about the poet Ezra Pound, House of Bedlam, was premiered by the New Playwrights Theater in Washington, DC, in 1978; She Also Dances was then developed at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center National Playwrights Conference in the summer of 1979 and premiered at the South Coast Repertory Company in 1983 and cited in Best Plays of 1983 (the play was subsequently produced in Los Angeles, London, New York, Philadelphia, Walnut Creek (CA), and Copenhagen).

Along the way, I was ordained in the Episcopal Church and published three books in spirituality and continued to write plays that have not been produced. The arrival in 1980 of two children may have had something to do with the decline in my literary production over the next years.

Following decades in university publishing, a stint as head of the Episcopal Church’s official publishing company, and founder of my own small imprint, I retired to Portland, Oregon, and returned to my first love, poetry. I now write poems every day, play the shakuhachi, and volunteer at the Portland Japanese Garden.

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