26. What’s Left Undone

Overcome by unexpected tears, the rain squall obscuring the windshield, I am being driven in a rented Hundai by my life-long friend Nelson. The coast in October now reclines under ecstatic blue skies. My favorite town. Caroline and I came here for what we called a honey moon, although we were not married. I entered her. I embrace a poet friend in the bookstore. We regard the ocean, the long folds of white surf. We have come for nothing else. The long drive back in rain through ruined hillsides, the blow downs from three years ago still suffering. I was here with Elena just after that big storm, one-hundred-mile-an-hour winds, the trees exploding the night. How much we desire this world to remain in place, to be perfect for us every day, even this fogged-in forest and my tears for the work I know I will never finish.

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